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st reliable internet... with no usage caps. switch to fios for just $94.99 a month and get a free upgrade to fios quantum... plus $250 back with a two-year agreement. visit there's nothing like fios. and as pc mag says: [ male announcer #2 ] if it's available, you should get it. 2/10/13 this is fox 5 news at 6:00. weekend edition. >> growing controversy over the president use of drone strikes against suspected terrorists. even those who are u.s. citizens. >> officials upping the ante for the former lapd officer accused of going on a killing spree. >> after a storm comes the clean up. that's what people in new england are busy doing. the latest on the blizzard of 2013. thanks for joining us. >> new details emerging tonight
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in a murder investigation in prince georges county. an elderly woman beaten to death. lauren is in the news room with the latest. >> police say they got a call for a welfare check. when officers arrived they found the victim unresponsive. >> prince georges county police and homicide detectives going door to door in one neighborhood. an elderly woman was murdered inside her own home. >> we're trying to alert the neighborhood, the neighbors and people in the vicinity as to what occurred here yesterday. >> officers aren't releasing details but 71-year-old geroldine suffered trauma. her nephew came running over in a panic after attempting to visit his aunt. he knocked on the
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door saying. >> she's saying on the floor not breathing. >> the neighbor grabbed her daughter who is a nurse and rushed to help. >> she started to doing cpr. so when i looked at her i knew she was gone. >> joseph lives around the corn her and says he knew her well. >> how could somebody do something to her? >> there have been a string of robberies in the area recently. >> the first one was about nine months ago. and then the next one happened about two months after that, two months after that. and then the other ones was like in the same range of the last one. >> police have not said whether anything was taken from her home. the motive remains under investigation. >> as to whether there was any forced entry or whether the incident took place in the home whether that person was let in or what it could possibly be.
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>> neighbors say mcintyre often left her front door unlocked. police have a vague description of a possible suspect. blackmail, 5 foot 7 to 5 foot 9, slim build and dark complex. dark brown or black leather jacket and carrying a black bag. >> she lived with an adult daughter but that woman has been in the hospital. for the past few weeks, she had been living at home alone. there is a $25,000 reward. and anyone with a tip may remain anonymous. >> thank you. >> dc police are investigating an overnight stabbing outside a bar. they say a fight started inside the patty boom bar on u street. the bouncer moved everyone outside and a man and a woman were stabbed. the two have minor injuries. no arrests yet. >> and a news alert tonight from georgetown university. police
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investigating a string of robberies. the latest was friday. someone went into an unlocked office and took off with a laptop and iphone. this is the 10th reported robbery since last november. >> taking a live look outside tonight. it was a slightly chilly but mild day. the sun peaking out through at times. gwen tolbart is in the weather center. >> we have changes coming up and they are going to be affecting that morning commute. let's begin a look at our numbers. 46 at reagan national. 45 at dulles and 43 at bwi. these temperatures where they should be. we are actually doing fairly well. 43 at dc. 37 at baltimore. 44 to the south at fredericksburg and 40 at hagerstown. so the clouds not a whole lot happening, but take a look what's out to the west.
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quite a batch of rain there and that is all headed our way. could even see winter precipitation with it. we're going to keep a close eye. a few disturbances into the next 7 days. we're going to talk about that later. in the meantime for tonight 37 by the 10:00 hour with light winds. expect to see showers into the overnight hours. some of that could be freezing rain. we're going to watch it closely. we have as i said changes coming up. a messy morning commute ahead. all the details and what you can expect. all that a little later on. back to you. >> thanks very much. see you soon. the clean up begins in the northeast after friday's storm dumped up to three feet of snow. the wet snow and strong winds knocked out power to 650,000 homes and businesses. still about 350,000 customers are in the dark. some schools in the northeast are cancelling classes for tomorrow. and then there's the effort to get the roads monday's commute.
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ana has the latest on that. >> reporter: the northeast is still dealing with a tremendous amount of snow. neighbors are having to dig neighbors out. the u.s. postal service suspending service on saturday. and neighbors are having a tough time digging out. take a listen. >> once before. and blizzard in 78 i think it was. it was just like this deep also. maybe a little deeper . no, this is deeper. >> i've been plowing this bank for 25 years and this is the most snow i've ever seen. unbelievable. >> the storm is being blamed for at least five deaths in the united states including an 11 year old boy in boston who died of carbon monoxide poisoning. the state's governors are still urging caution. >> do not go on the roads. stay off the road s. first of all, not safe as we would like them to be.
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there's a lot of blowing snow. thirdly, entrances and exits that are still not open. >> police in new york are bringing in road graders that have the long island express way closed for snow removal. that's where 150 cars were stuck and emergency crews had to make rescues. the majority of new york faired relatively well. the governor is sending plows and power crews to massachusetts and connecticut since they were hit harder. public transportation is still at a standstill. here in connecticut, up to 40 inches of snow fell breaking records. fox news. >> in other news tonight, former vice president dick cheney is speaking out about president obama's recent cabinet nominations. the president has -- the performance of barack
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obama has he staffs up is dismal. meanwhile, a leading republican senator is threatening to holdup president obama's senate confirmation. he wants more answers about the deadly attack in libya. the senator wants to know what the president was doing during the attack and if he was in touch with libyan officials. chuck hagel has been nominated. and john brennan as cia director. >> justice department memo obtained reveals government officials don't need court order or charge you with a crime. they simply have to determine you are a terror leader and a serious threat to the u.s. law makers are raising concerns. peter ducey has more. >> reporter: democrats and republicans think it's okay if
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that person has aligned themselves with terrorists trying to attack america. there's disagreement about when it's okay to make that order. republican senator said this morning no american should be executed without a trial. should never get to decide someone's death by flipping through flash cards and saying you want to kill him? i don't know. yeah. let's kill him. agrees decisions should be made by more than one person. i think some independent check on the executive is healthy. according to democrat senator. >> we're going to hold hearings to work on this element. how to mesh the constitutional principle wills and values. >> but any trial would be an encroachment on the powers of the president in the opinion of senator john mccain but simply taking control of the drones
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away from the cia. >> since when is the intelligence agency supposed to be an air force that goes around killing people. i believe it's a job for the department of defense. >> called the certain administration will kilter orrists but give miranda rights when captured here in the states. >> still ahead tonight, the search intensifies for the former lapd cop who is wanted for killing three people. what police believe was the suspect's possible escape route. violence breaks out. we will have the latest on a string of shootings. 
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we are following a developing story. day four of the man hunt for a former los angeles police officer accused of killing three people. authorities are now offering a $1 million reward for information leading for the
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arrest of christopher dorner. he is reportedly bitter of being fired in 2007. the killings and threats dorner made have led police to provide protection. the cops dismissal is now under review as they look into what may have set him off. after several days dorner is nowhere to be fund. and authorities are seriously considering, he may be headed to mexico. jason shows us police efforts from the boarder. >> bumper to bumper traffic and long delays for people heading into mexico. >> usually you just go right through. not this time. >> it's pretty bad. about a two hour wait . >> that wait due in large for for christopher dorner. authorities requested extra security. for a while saturday only two lanes were open. heavily armed officers checked
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vehicles. authorities believe dorner may have wanted to go to mexico when he tried to steal a boat wednesday night. some people believe the added boarder security is not necessary. >> if i was trained by the police and going to evade them, i would not go to high profile areas. >> others say they are not giving the man hunt much thought at all. >> i haven't given it much thought. i don't feel a threat by him being out there. i'm concerned for our law enforcement people lchlt and they seem to be on pretty high alert. >> mardi gras celebrations turning violent in new orleans as crowds gather to enjoy annual parade. shots rang out on burbon street. police have released surveillance video of the suspected shooters. another shooting at a different mardi gras celebration. this time in missouri. police say a 32-year-old man was killed. it
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is the first shooting in 32 years. >> reporter: fans swarmed the streets looking for beer, beads and a good time. and for most of the crowd, that's what they found. >> mardi gras! >> reporter: but it was a different story. just as the post parade party began, a shot rang out. >> there were two officers that were working for mardi gras that were on a golf cart. they heard the shot and responded to the area and saw the individual standing an an alley. >> the officers told the man to drop his gun but did not do that. >> turned and pointed the weapon towards the officers. the officers fearing for their safety and fired several shots. >> mardi gras organizers say other than this most unfortunate incident, the party went well. >> other than this incident we
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have had a very successful day. we have a very good relationship with the st. louis police both the secondary officers we have and the on-duty officers. and just to reiterate something, there is no place for weapons at mardi gras. and this is a good example of why that is the case. >> the family of former penn state coach joe paterno is speaking out. the late coach did nothing wrong in the handling of the sex abuse scandal. the initial abuse report paints paterno as a victim. defended his work which included 430 interviews and e-mails and documents. a statue of paterno was taken down last july. and now to the state of the skins. the debate continues over a change in name for the washington redskins.
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and fox 5 has been seeking your opinion on the matter asking our facebook fans if the redskins is an offensive name or just part of tradition. sean says quote if they change the name, i will never cheer for them again, ever. mara says quote change it. like it or not it's racist and down right wrong. sometimes the world needs to move on. and bradford says quote there are so many more important things in america that needs to change. the redskins will not one of them. >> hundreds gather to cycle for survival today. national high energy in door team cycling event by funding critical research. all money raised goes to a cancer center. about 13,000 people will ride in an event in february and march. the event has raised over $8 million. >> still ahead, oregon bakery is facing backlash after owners refuse to bake a lesbian
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couple's wedding cake. turns out a lot of people like reading too. we'll tell you why that's ironic. if you have a story idea, call the fox 5 tip line or send us an e-mail. mail
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 it began as a way to provide
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information. nutritional labeling requirements aren't stopping there. most within the restaurant industry were on board with requirements stemming from the new healthcare laws requiring them to provide information on their menus. when the food and drug administration decided to extend that mandate to super market and convenience stores, store owners were alarmed. >> they would be very burdensome. >> under this proposed regulation, thousands of stores would be label to packaged foods. the food marketing institute estimates the regulation would cost retailers a billion dollars in just the first year. >> the super market industry is a business that's well-known that our net profit line average and has been forever is 1%. so when you incur a significant cost, there's no way that that doesn't get passed on to the customer in some form.
6:22 pm
>> and there are stiff penalties. >> if you get it wrong, get this, it's a federal crime hchlt and you could face jail time and thousands of dollars worth of fines. >> the fda says quote the information should limit access calorie intake and the foods they purchase fit within their daily caloric and other nutritional needs. >> the fda says it has received hundreds of comments on the proposed regulation and issue them before the final role will include that economic analysis. fox news. >> taking a look at the weather now. my goodness gwen it's a beautiful day. >> finally got the winds out of the way lchlt and lots of sunshine. enjoyed the festivities in chinatown for the chinese new year. skies aren't too bad. we're going to see clouds starting to move in. that's a beautiful shot there will right now. and
6:23 pm
temperatures not too bad. here's a look at the highs. 46 at reagan national. 45 at dulles and 43 at bwi sarah good marshal. exactly in the range of where we should be. not too bad. currently 43 at dc. 39 at gaithersburg. 37 at baltimore. 40 die agrees at hagers -- degrees at hagerstown. we have a warmup heading our way. not tonight but into the course of the early part of the week. here's a look at overnight lows. 35 degrees in terms of dc. pretty cold nights ahead into the teens and we will see improvement there as well. ridge of high pressure was in control today and starting to fly off. but the warmer air from the south is going to start to invade the midatlantic. we're going to benefit from that. that i think you will start to enjoy. we have an approaching system. and that is going to be responsible for
6:24 pm
bringing us precipitation into the course of tonight and tomorrow. be prepared. we'll see the clouds increasing tonight ahead of it. when it our forecast. in, we will see the ridge of high pressure sliding its way out. and let's take a look at what's happening up the midatlantic. all that snow and all the very poor conditions they had to deal with the power outages. maine is in for another inch of snow. the rest of the midatlantic we'll be dealing mainly with rain. so that's going to be a little bit of an issue of trying to get things cleared up. hopefully all the crews will be able to work around it. the same system is going to hit them. the winds calming down somewhat. we will see a pick up in the winds into monday at least in the dc area. but at least we're not talking too much more snow. about an inch as far as maine is concerned. here's a look at
6:25 pm
your forecast tonight. 26 degrees. it will stay cold. the winds will improved . a messy morning commute. i'll have the details a little later. >> thanks very much. so are you the type who likes to curl up with the good book? there's a new study that says dc is the most literal city in america. the honor comes with a healthy dose of irony. >> i think that's really cool. >> i'm excited. >> obviously we're flattered. >> flattered that so many dc residents are letting books take them on a journey. lacy works for politics and pros book store. she is so excited by a book she read. >> gives me chills to think about it. she's so wonderful. >> that enthusiasm is contagious. a new study says the residents of dc are more literal than their counterparts in any other city. >> wonderfully loyal to us and loyal to the printed word in
6:26 pm
general. >> i read a lot, yes. >> it's true too people very well read. >> the researchers measured things like how many book stores a city has. how many people still read the newspaper. and how much education people get. >> at 14th and b northwest inside the restaurant and book store, bus boys and poets. >> it's mentally stimulating. >> i've seen a lot of book readings here. come specifically for that. >> readers we talked with agree it's rather ironic when last year less than half. 45% of elementary kids were reading at grade level. >> it's terrifying. it's completely dehad a bill -- our school system and our teachers.
6:27 pm
>> i don't think everyone realize it's a big issue. >> the money we spend on putting stadiums and all the high rise up, build a high brary. >> that's a tale still being told. >> coming up, bakery backlash. the fall out after one oregon business is accused of being pretty sour to a gay couple.
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weekend edition. >> a deadly shooting at a mall in texas. happened saturday afternoon in the town of tyler. authorities say two men in their 20s got into a verbal argument inside the mall. when they took it outside, one of the men shot the other killing him. an oregon bakery facing a backlash after the owners refused to bake a lesbian couple's cake. protestors stood on the sidewalk calling their decision discrimination. the bakery is also gaining support. >> honks of support saturday afternoon for about 50 protestors outside sweet cakes by melissa. >> my sign says can't we all just eat cake? and i have equal rights for all. >> the bakery's owners whipped up a huge controversy refusing to bake a lesbian couple's cake.
6:31 pm
>> if it had been a black couple, people would be up in arms a lot more than they are now. >> protestors say the bakery broke state law by discriminating. >> the business owners do have a right to refuse service to anyone. but when that refusal of service is solely based on someone's sexual orientation, no other reason, that is a crime. >> not so says daniel who showed up to protest the protestors. their religious is the reason they didn't bake the couple's cake. >> he believes in god and does not believe in same sex marriage. he shouldn't have to wake a cake. he should be able to freely deny them. >> sweet cakes was open for business. supportive customers lined up out the door. >> i appreciate the fact they are standing there for what they believe in and want to show them support. >> owners erin cline and his wife melissa says the backlash
6:32 pm
has been harsh but standing by their decision. >> makes me feels good to know even though everybody seems to think that portland and surrounding areas are liberal, there is conservative christians out there who want to make their voices heard. >> to connecticut now where people are digging out of the blizzard of 2013. snow fall totals are reaching three feet to give some perspective. a clock placed on a ruler with a video shows how much snow fell. the snow has stopped and clean up has begun. 270 national guard members have deployed. we hear about new years babies. what about a blizzard baby. in massachusetts, a blizzard girl was born. emt couldn't get to the mom. so the national guard they came in to help. they were able to remove the snow with
6:33 pm
plows and an humvee so emergency crews could reach the expecting mother. >> there's people like new year's babies and i'm like you are a new year's baby. mine is a blizzard baby. nemo is what my family is calling her. >> the family named the little bundle of joy noeli. >> in entertainment news, sources say singer chris brown was involved in a car crash in beverly hills. the singer was on his way to an event and being chased by the papparazzi. brown was not hurt. this crash follows a state of other accidents following celebrities and the papparazzi. >> ♪ and i will always
6:34 pm
love you ♪ . >> tomorrow marks one year since whitney houston's sudden death. the singer was found dead february 11th in her hotel room. she was 48 years old. the troubled diva died from an accidental drowning with cocaine use. fox 5 investigates the booming business of e cigarettes. are they healthier? we'll find out. 
6:35 pm
6:36 pm
millions of smokers are turning to e cigarettes to get their nicotine fix. but are they healthier? >> parents are also concerned that like the ecigs, the candy like flavor may appeal to kids. >> the e cigarette industry is growing exponentially. but the laws governing these electronic devices are spotty at best.
6:37 pm
>> got mango, men thol and tobacco. >> he no longer smokes. >> i've been smoking since junior year of high school and finley quit earlier this year. >> 6 months ago he started vaping. are call it when they take a puff. the 21-year-old college senior has noticed a difference. >> my voice has been getting clearer. >> the battery operated devices heat up a nicotine liquid. >> it's vapor not tobacco smoke and no odor. >> an estimated 2.5 million people now use e cigarettes growing to a billion dollar industry in the next few years. you are inhaling and exhaling, holding it up to your mouth but blowing out what is vapor.
6:38 pm
>> many users believe it's safer than a traditional cigarette and turned to ecigs to quit smoking. but a law professor warned people shouldn't be fulled. >> we know it contains nicotine which is a deadly addictive drug and we don't know what the long-term exposure could be. >> an analysis noted known carcinogens and toxic chemicals. other studies show they cause respiratory problems and dangerous compounds in the vapor. manufacturers cite their own studies which conclude ecigs are a much safer alternative. >> i think they are safer. you know h and unfortunately in today's world you have to back a lot of those assumptions up. >> and the fda has warned the candy like flavors may be a
6:39 pm
magnet for kids. >> the fda experts themselves have said there is a real concern that kids will use these e cigarettes like candy cigarettes on steroids. >> they can't show me at what age you stop liking flavors. >> a handful of states restrict sales to minors, a policy like blue follow. they don't need to sell to kids. >> there's 45 million i believe smokers in america alone. so we've barely scratched the surface of that. this product is at its core. >> sells the ecig brand to stores around the university of maryland campus in flavors like mango and strawberry. >> it's crazy how big it's getting. all the from fraternities on campus on are smoking these. >> high school kids are using
6:40 pm
ecigs. >> they've smoked electronic cigarettes in detention. and the teacher can't really smell it. >> the fda is expected to weigh in in april and said in a statement sent to fox 5 fda tends to propose regulation that would extend the agencies. further research is needed to benefits and risks of electronic cigarettes. industry leaders support regulation but not to the same extent as cigarettes. in the meantime, companies must walk a fine line careful not to make medical claims according to an attorney to the e cigarette attorney. >> the food and drug administration said companies cannot market their products as more healthful than regular cigarettes. >> in 2010, the fda sent warning letters to five ecig companies for various violations
6:41 pm
including unsubstantiated claims. >> anything is better than having that ashtray taste in your mouth. >> and doesn't miss huddling with other smokers outside in the cold. >> sam says he feels a lot healthier now and the price of e accurates have gone down making them more affordable. and there are zero nicotine flavors. for those who might want to vape without the nicotine. sherri ly, fox 5 news. >> many girls long for their dream wedding. sometimes military couples don't get that opportunity. we'll show you how a volunteer group is trying to change that one wedding at a time. we'll be back.
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6:44 pm
most girls dream of a beautiful wedding but many military couples never get the chance to celebrate a big day with family and friends. elizabeth shares how a group of volunteers is trying to change that. for coast guard chief petty officer jason smith and his bride amanda walking down the isle for a big wedding never thought would happen. >> something could go wrong and he has to be called out and be gone for a few days or a few
6:45 pm
weeks. >> for many their wedding day is only a simple ceremony at the court house. >> it's not easy to plan a wedding. >> weddings for warriors came along. comes together, plans and pays for active military couple's weddings and vow renewal. >> he or she was being deployed. they had very little time, ran to the court house in t-shirt and jeans with no family, friends, no pictures. >> every last detail to make a wedding special is donated. the flowers, the designer gown, the food, the venue, the music, even the hair and make up. >> we had no idea the depth of need and i think we had no idea the depth of the community at large wanting to embrace the military and thank them in a meaningful way.
6:46 pm
>> for four years, the group has been hosting weddings once a year for couples who fit the bill. one year it was 40 couples. this year it was 10. each bride and groom has their own private ceremony before the big group celebration. >> they want to say thank you to all the military members no matter the branch. and it was their way of giving back. >> for some of these couples, it was a dream they thought would never come true. >> all the little girls who dream of their wedding, these ladies had dreamed it as well and they didn't have it. >> in atlanta, fox news. >> that's wonderful. absolutely wonderful. >> giving them an opportunity they wouldn't otherwise get. >> also wonderful our weather. couldn't complain. it was chilly but sun was out. >> didn't have to hang on to anything cause the winds weren't gusting. >> we have changes coming up into the beginning of the week. we will see a little bit of a
6:47 pm
return of windy weather as well. so just be prepared. it will be short lifshed. today as they mentioned, a beautiful day. plenty of sunshine and not quite as windy. temperatures were exactly where they should have been. the week is going to start unsettled. we have sunny days ahead of my forecast. also we have temperatures that are going to be on the rise. but some disturbances to watch. that's going to bring us a lot of changes in the 7 day forecast. satellite radar composite showing you. we have a ridge of high pressure that's been in control. that's kind of kept us in the clear for most of the day. we have clouds that are starting to increase as they move their way across through the area. that's associated with the system we're keeping a close eye on. a few advisories to show you here. i want to show you this because of all the snow that happened up and down the midatlantic. they try to dig their way out. unfortunately winter weather
6:48 pm
advisories through parts of maine into right near boston and even to the north of albany. that's where they are talking about mixture of snow and sleet. and to the south and west of that, we're talking freezing rain and rain. all of this will change into rain through the course of tomorrow. but a lot to deal with. our thoughts go out to them. let's take a look at radar. we have a system that's going to be affecting us. well out here to the west. ahead of this, we're going to start to see rain showers and a chance of freezing rain to the north and west of us as we head through into the overnight hours and tomorrow, this is going to become very widespread. we're watching this closely. back to our weather maps then. and as we talk about temperatures, here's a look at the highs for today. 46 at reagan national. 45 at dulles and 43 at bwi. and as i mentioned , we're in the ballpark. it was a pretty cool
6:49 pm
night last night. and tonight we'll see temperatures moderating out a little bit. right now 43 at dc. 40 at quantaco. 41 at winchester and 41 this hour at dulles. winds are going to pick up into the course of tomorrow. low pressure system moving in. as we take a look at the area between that, real tight pressure gradient which translates into windy. 25 miles an hour or so. as we start out overnight, look at this rain starting to move in. become widespread into the course of monday. by the time we hit midday, starting to get out of the day. not a full day wash out for you. but it is going to affect the morning commute. late tonight we'll start to see it moving in wintery mix. could see freezing rain there. morning commute going to be affected with rainfall into the 8 or 9:00 hour. and just past midday, we start to see things
6:50 pm
moving out. so 53 degrees by midday tomorrow. going to be a mild day tomorrow. southerly wind that's going to start. we're headed into the upper 50s. 35 degrees for tonight. mostly cloudy. looking at the freezing rain lchlt and primarily rain. 57 tomorrow. take a look at the winds. 25 miles per hour as i mentioned. we have a dry day on tuesday. wednesday, the next system moves in. and we have a series of disturbances. a mixture of rain and snow. same story into saturday with another little break in between. so just be prepared for all of that. >> one of the chillier overnights will be valentine's day. stay home and keep your honey warm. with valentine's day coming up, love time to celebrate on a school night? love does not come cheap. americans will spend about $18.6 billion. because the romantic holiday falls on a weekday, many
6:51 pm
people will use the weekend for a romantic get away. >> college basketball taking center stage. a boarder war. scott smith is up next with sports. 
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
a month left in the college hoops regular season and for maryland there's work to do if they want to make it to the tournament for the first time. resume building opportunities out there. up coming game against duke, north carolina and two against virginia. struggled against three straight losses. joe harris dials one up deep. hits the second of back to back threes. virginia up 7. harris nearly perfect from the field. 7 of 8. wants better perimeter defense. still in the first, virginia's dontell evans. puts his head down and turns it over. coach in a much better mood.
6:54 pm
the terps trail 35-29 at the half. continues long distance shooting. a perfect 4 for 4. drilled 11 of 19 from 3. uva up 13. the terps trying to stay in it. nice drive and maryland down by 10. final minutes. virginia by 9. clock running out. evans inside. the montrose christian hang s in foul by al he exlin. -- alex lin. 4th straight loss to the cavaliers. next up, a home date next saturday against duke. what a week for the wizards. three strieth wins. three teams with 39 wins. a season high 4th straight tomorrow night in will walky. the heat hosting the lakers. labron saying what's up to steve nash. lakers down 3.
6:55 pm
kobe drives, spins and around chris anderson the birdman. circus shot. missed the free throw. team high 28. duane wade to dwight howard. wade up with 30 points. 4th quarter play of the game. kobe turns it over. and look at this . the lebron james 32 points. 30 point effort. heat over the lakers 107-97. to hockey and heading into saturday's game. the caps surrendered the most goals but compounding the problem, they themselves hadn't scored more than three goals in anyone game. the 5-0 win was a welcomed site. and perfect in the net yesterday. heading into the game, save percentage was 857. stopped all 27 shots. 4th shut out of his career.
6:56 pm
caps picked up 6th straight home win improving record to 3-8 and 1. even helped out on the offensive end. gets the power play and makes it 2-1. visit florida for a remacho tuesday. nice to register a shut out. >> i think anyone at this point is what we're looking for. ending last is not acceptable. we already gave ourself a big enough hole. and right now we're not going to step off the gas for the rest of the year. >> he looked calm in there. he looked like his old self and calmed himself down. did him wonders today. he's a great kid. >> great for brayden. made the big save early. >> and after that, we didn't
6:57 pm
give him much and scored goals. obviously, a lot of positives. >> ravens wide receiver said he will retire if he is released by baltimore. the 32-year-old has one year left on his contract and due $6 million next season. three seasons with the ravens caught 6 passes for 104 yards. 34-31 superbowl win over the 49ers. some golf today. and talk about resourceful . look at this bird. floating out there. he's using a plate and eating off of it. front row view of the 4th round of the pebble beach. starting the day in third. one shot off the pace and that's long distance birdie. 6 under 66. 17 under. two shots behind the leader. nice one here. quick downhill put and drains it to the bottom of the jar. next hole, this on 11. a shorter attempt but the same result with another birdie. 7 under 65
6:58 pm
after back to back second place finish. he wins today at 19th under. moves to 4th in the world rankings. on the year he has a two second place. he's already won about $3 million on the season. it's only february. >> oh, my gosh. >> he is on a role. >> see you back tonight at 10 and 11:00. see you then. ♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original
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